Monday, July 23, 2007

monday madness

I guess I'm creatively challenged. I just keep doing these memes.

But this one is about food!

1. Are there any weird "food rules" you have? Feel free to list as many as you like.

Well, I don't have rules about what food can touch what other foods and stuff like that. But I have become rather high maintenance dietarily speaking. Not because I want to be. I love food and would love to just eat what I want, but my body has become very rebellious against a lot of different foods. I won't even bore you with the list of what I can't have, though.

You're welcome.

2. When you were growing up, what ONE thing did your parents always remind you of, when it came to meal time (or cooking)?

Sheesh, my mom reads this. Actually, I can't really think of anything. I think she frequently said if I were really truly starving I'd be willing to eat an egg sandwich (which I actually like now).

3. Is there anyone you know whose food you won't eat (for one reason or another)?

Well, there is this one lady who doesn't wash her hands after handling raw chicken and then she touches the bread and everything else with those salmonella hands. I kinda refrain there, when I can-- if chicken is involved.

4. Is there anything you "specialize" in cooking, that people actually ask for?

Used to be my homemade bread made with flour I ground myself. I haven't made any for a while, though.

5. When you were growing up, what one meal do you remember as being your favorite?

McDonalds hamburger and fries. Other than that, Macaroni and cheese or chicken and dumplins.

6. Today, what is your IDEAL meal?

ooohh, that's a hard one. Probably a Moroccan meal, but it would have to exclude the things that bother me so that I could eat it peacefully and joyfully.

Moroccan lamb and lentil soup. Moroccan salads, B'stella, honey bread, then perhaps some kind of chicken dish and the wonderful strawberry chocolate pastry for dessert!

This meme comes from Monday Madness.

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  1. Your posts are hilarious! I love your comment on number 3 and agree whole-heartedly. Hand washing or should I say not hand washing is one of my biggest pet peaves. In another post you mentioned books - I have a blog dedicated to the books I've read or am reading. Its -

    Have a great day!


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