Tuesday, July 3, 2007

home sweet home

We are in our new house!

Of course the minute it turned July it got hot! And we moved on the first. Also, it seems so be ten degrees hotter here than in our old town.

The people who lived here and the landlord all insisted that this house stays nice and cool. Ha!

If we end up buying it, AC is the first thing on the list.

What we don't love:

Millers, spiders, flies, everywhere. I don't mind so much. But my family is all freaking out.

No AC.

Some yard work that needs done.

A backed up potty.

Harder water than we are used to = water spots and buildup.

Alergies to something.

What we love:

It is beautiful!

It is bigger than our last house. Actually it is about the same, just a much better floor plan.

Hardwood floors.

Nicer carpet.

A gorgeous view of all of the mountains and Denver in the distance.

Thanks to Denvers polution; there are spectacular sunsets.


A fireplace.

A bluejay and doves. I was going to miss my doves, but there are some here, too.


Deer in the yard.

A nice breeze.

Big bedrooms.

And so many little details that I like. Like a Dutch door on the front! I always wanted one of those.

We are tired. We are sore. But we are home.


  1. YAY! Congrats on your new house. Hope you enjoy the good things and learn to deal with the bad! :-)

  2. Welcome home! Moving is over!


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