Saturday, July 21, 2007

luna loco

I don't know about where you live, but here, people can be....shall we say...idiotic.

This really bugs me. See, I prefer to obey the law. I'm not going to blindly obey some law that calls for me to turn my neighbors into the gestapo, but if a law isn't actually harmful I will follow it. Even if I think it's dumb.

There is a long strip on the highway where they have lowered the speed limit by 15 mph. It goes far beyond the actual construction area, so it seems unnecessary and I don't particularly like it. I like to get where I'm going.

But I obey the law. So I slow down.

Yesterday I was on that particular highway and I was slowed down to only 5 mph above the speed limit, (I try, anyway). People were backed up behind me for a long way. Sorry folks -- not my law. Just being a good citizen.

They had also extended the double yellow line so nobody could pass. Although why they would want to, I'm not sure. I was going as fast as the law allowed.

But as soon as that double line ended, boy, a whole mass of people flew past me. And here's the neat part (you have to hear sarcasm in that) -- The first vehicle to pass me did me the great honor of showing me a big ol' splotchy moon.

Even though I was pretty steamed, I didn't want to exact revenge myself. But I was fervently hoping there was a cop around the bend to arrest them all!

While following construction speed limits, by husband got the bird.

So here's what I wonder. Do these people not see the signs? Are they oblivious -- all of them? Or do they see the signs, but they don't like them, so they just ignore them? Fine. But why is it a problem for them if some of us obey them? Honestly, I don't get it. Do they think I was slowed down for my own enjoyment and just to irritate them.


And if they see the signs and disregard the law so lightly, do they disregard all laws the same way?

Apparently not. Because, (I found this amusing) they wouldn't dare pass over that double yellow line! Even though there were no cars coming and it was a straight shot for miles. What's with that?

Well, I'm trying to let God love His people through me. And I know, hard as it may be to believe, that sometimes I am not very lovable either. So, I keep trying. Some days are just much more trying than others.

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