Monday, July 16, 2007

life got you down?

In the current issue of ONE magazine -- a local health publication -- there is an interview with Anne Marie Hochhalter. You probably haven't heard of her. I hadn't before now. She was wounded in the Columbine tragedy eight years ago. She was shot in the back while eating lunch and as she was slumped over the table another bullet went through her side damaging her lungs, diaphragm, liver and a major blood vessel to the heart.

An EMT saw her and took her to the hospital where they operated on her in the ER to save her life. She is now in a wheelchair.
And then, months later, her mother walked into a gun store, bought a gun, loaded it and killed hersef on the spot.

Now she is a twenty five year old college graduate who owns her own home.

This is the good part-- from the interview:

Q. How did the events at Columbine shape your life?

A. They made me stronger. They basically broke me as a person and I had no choice but to go up from there. I used to be an atheist, and this helped me to become a Christian. It also taught me patience. Living life in a wheelchair is very difficult, but I choose not to be bitter or angry about what has happened. God has put so many great people in my life. I've just been blessed. I choose to get on with my life and keep living it.

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