Thursday, July 19, 2007

and the winner is...

Ok, so I only placed third, but still. I was a winner in my first writing contest!
This is from the newsletter:

Distracting Big Toe Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone (48 of you!) who entered my "Ways to Distract Your Big Toe" contest. You can't IMAGINE how much fun I had reading your entries! Selections were difficult. Prizes will come within the next two months. I'm sorry for the delay, but I want to make sure they're deserving of your genius! (If I can remember where I saw the "mood toe ring," one of you will be getting THAT!)

If you simply cannot imagine why I'd hold a contest to distract a big toe, please
click here to read the story. If THIS story is already posted, look for the May 2007 archived edition at the bottom of the page (or one close to that date).


"I don't know which TwinkleGram had me laughing harder: this one or the one about distracting your toe! Maybe you could distract your toe by reading both TwinkleGrams to it!"
Hey, I'm a sucker for my own work.
"Even though my toes are married, nothing distracts my big toe like a good-looking, well-dressed man toe. They got that from their grandma's toes."
She got me with the "grandma's toes" part.

SECOND PLACE: Yvonne Greer

"You can distract a big toe by taking it shopping at 'Toes R Us' and buying it a toey."
Now that is creative!

FIRST PLACE: Christina Berry

"See, there's this big toe, see, and he wants to go to the market, but I want to stay home, so I send my best friend out to meet him when he's leaving and she offers him some roast beef, but my friend's husband yells at him that it tastes nasty and he didn't have any himself, so now I'm resigned to a shopping trip, but little Piggy--he's our son--rides up on his bicycle a few blocks from our house and then Daddy has no choice but to turn around, commandeer the bike, put Piggy on the handlebars, and pedal all the way home. The whole time I hear Piggy 'wheeling,' all I can think is how glad I am that I don't have to go to the market!"
The rules said one or two sentences, and by golly, she wins on two counts: creative story and causing us to hold our breath between sentences while we read!
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And this is the site where I entered said contest.


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