Wednesday, June 6, 2007

wednesday wisdom

There is more to writing than writing.

This morning I was at my friend Lauri's house looking at writing books and talking about writing and stuff. And also borrowing some of said writing books. I told her that I don't do prompts and exercises very often because I feel like if I'm going to be writing, I should be writing my book. Not just stuff that is pointless. But she said that it all counts.

Just like I can't expect to sit down and play a concerto the first time I touch a piano, I shouldn't expect to be able to just write a good novel the first time I really write.

I can't just sit and paint a masterpiece, either.

These things take practice. So instead of feeling like I am wasting time by doing writing exercises, I need to realize that they are as necessary as practicing scales or learning the basics of perspective. They are important for shaping me into a real writer.

Another aspect of this is the research. I feel like that is getting in the way of writing, taking up my time. When in truth it is an integral part of the process. I can't write a good book without good research!

All this talk about not wanting to waste my precious time. I spent the last week with a very sick husband, so I didn't get any writing done. But I did manage to spend way too much time reading blogs and playing games!

We are moving and I'm packing so I can't write, but somehow, I haven't really packed all that much and I have had a lot of fun reading blogs and playing games.

So enough with the excuses! Some of those books I borrowed have some excellent exercises that will actually be useful. Maybe even can be used in my book.

So I may not get many words added to my book, but that doesn't mean I won't be writing.

Well, after we move that is.

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  1. so instead of packing,you've been playing games and letting your poor Momma do the work? But I love you anyway, daughter.


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