Sunday, June 24, 2007

Evan Almighty

Angie Hunt said that this is a good movie. She is a novelist extraordinaire, so she should know a good movie when she sees one. Right?

Well, anyway. We went to see it. And I loved it.

It isn't 100% correct theology - obviously. But there are some great lessons in there. As well as some humor and all the rest that makes a movie fun. I also enjoyed the visuals of what it might have been like in the original flood. The animals. The way he built the ark. The sheer magnitude of the flood. That part was cool.

Here are a few of the lessons:

~God doesn't care a whole lot about our plans.

~When God wants us to do something, He'll also tell us how.

~Everything God does is because He loves me. (You)

~He's really not concerned about what people think of us.

~Disobedience usually only delays the inevitable obedience.

~Obedience might cost you.

~Radical faith will be ridiculed.

~When you hear from God, others won't always understand.

~God always knows what He's doing.


  1. I love these lessons, Kay! You're right, they're all in there!


  2. The boys have been wanting to go see this. I guess I need to add it to our movies to see this summer list!


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