Friday, June 29, 2007

gonna make it

It has only been about six years since we last moved. But it seems so much harder this time. Is it my age? Or is the whole thing like childbirth and I've just forgotten the pain I endured last time?

So far, I've thrown my back out, fallen twice, put my hand through a sheet of glass, had various splinters, strains and pulled muscles. Maybe it is my age. Or have I always been so clumsy?

Sunday is the day. If I survive that long.

I guess most new beginnings come at a cost. Maybe we appreciate it more that way? I hope so!
I keep reminding myself that in a week, this will all be behind us. We will be well on the way to settled in our new home in our new town. We will soon find a new church and make new friends. Ahhh. What would we do without hope?

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  1. I feel you pain, Kay. But won't it be wonderful when you're settled in your new home with a new adventure before you?


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