Thursday, June 14, 2007

thirteen choices

A friend and I were talking the other day about the abundance we have in this country. But also about the discontent that everyone has. We have more stuff, more choices, yet, everyone wants more. Disgusting really. The reason for this discontent, I am convinced, is that we are constantly bombarded with images of all the wonderful things that will make our life complete. And we buy it. Literally.

If you have ever been to a third world country or a former Soviet country, you know how many choices we have. Ever talked to a missionary who came home to be blown away by the deodorant selection in the super market? Or maybe she was just blown away by the super market?

Our grandparents had coffee. That's it, just coffee. No choices. Chock-Full -O -Nuts for my southern friend's grandma. Folgers for mine. My friend has several selections of caf and de-caf and syrups, too. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but the stuff I have came from Rwanda.

Our grandmothers had maybe three seasonings. Yet they could sure cook!

So I am listing thirteen things where we have too many choices.

1. Dining out - the number of restaurants and the selections on the menu

2. Grocery stores - which store should you go to?

3. Shampoo - thick hair? thin hair? Lavender or citrus? which brand?

4. Pop - Coke, diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Lemon Coke, or Pepsi? I'll have rootbeer.

5. Automobiles - four door? Two door? What color? How many horses? What options? Gas or hybrid?

6. Mascara - longer lashes or thicker lashes? Brown, black or blue? waterproof or not?

7. Cereal - it has it's own aisle!

8. Toothpaste

9. Toothbrushes!

10. Bras - underwire? wireless? padded? pink, blue, purple, black? straps or no straps? seamless?

11. Cooking utensils - rice maker, wok, steamer, bread machine, crock pot, tortilla press, etc

12. Medications - aspirin, non-aspirin, aspirin substitute, cough with cold, cough without cold, fourteen kinds of allergy medicine that all do the same thing.

13. Churches - type of music? Elders or deacons? Tongues or no tongues? Liturgy or no liturgy? Dressy or casual? Building or school? Denomination?

Ok, so no wonder Americans are so stressed out! We spend all our time making decisions and we don't even realize it! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.


  1. This is just part of why we refer to our grandparents era as a "simpler" time. They worked harder physically, but it was a simpler time in so many other ways.
    I've often wondered what people from other cultures/countries must think when they see HUGE stores dedicated to nothing but t o y s!!

  2. And cereal - don't forget cereal - there must be 300 different kinds at the store!

  3. number 7, Lauri.
    But I also thought of soap. I mean, isn't soap soap?
    Of course I like the mosturizing Cirus scented bath gel :)

  4. What is Cirus scent?


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