Friday, February 20, 2009

who are you?

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday. It said, Remember who you wanted to be? 
Not "what" but "who." 
I posted once on dreams. Kids have all kinds of ideas about what they want to be when they grow up.
But what did you think about who you would be? And are you that person? Did you plan to be generous, loving, fun, hospitable?
Did you plan to be bitter, critical, defensive?
I'm more selfish, lazy, and negative than I thought I would be. But I'm more outgoing, friendly, and compassionate than I expected. 
Who are you? Is that who you always hoped you would be?


  1. I'm more of a worrier than I ever thought I would be, but I'm more hopeful and trusting than I was before (it's a journey).

  2. I'm on the same journey. And never thought I'd be a worrier either.

  3. Good question... I dreamed I would be more active as a mom. We do things but not ACTIVE things. I dreamed I'd be more KIND to my husaband. I try, but I'm not always kind. I am a worrier too, but I knew I would's hereditary! HA!!!

  4. I now realize that I was and am a perfectionist in some areas. I think that explains my being overbearing somewhat. I have always worried about what people thought, but I think now it's more of a concern for others (at least that seems true to me). I'm both better and worse than I thought I would be.


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