Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nap time

Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner with a blankie and Teddy. Even when there aren't any big problems or struggles, little pieces of life can pile right up and overwhelm a person.
I'm kinda there right now. 

I mentioned that we are homeschooling. This in itself is draining. A lot of that drain comes from my own anxiety about the process. Am I making my kids stupid? Will they be able to function in the real world? If they go back to public school, will they have to start over? I do not feel qualified or capable of doing this. But it is what we need to do, at least for the time being. 

And for someone like me who absolutely relishes alone time, it is requiring a lot of adjustment. It's no different than summer really, except that I don't have the first day of school to look forward to.

Hey, I love my kids. I love spending time with them. In fact one of the deciding factors was that we had so little time with them. Our girl was gone 8 1/2 hours per day and our boy, 7 1/2. I love having them around. And yet... 

I do miss my alone time. So, I have to figure out a way to get that because that is refueling time for me.

So that is one piece in my pile of life. There are lots of others. Some are good.  Some are necessary.  But all together they are exhausting. Anyone have an extra Teddy?


  1. I have a teddy I'll gladly share with you. I hear ya on needing alone time to recharge...

  2. I so get the alone time.

    Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee was posting (ranting!) about the $70 Vermont Teddy Bears last week for Valentine's Day!! LOL

    Hang in there!

  3. Just remember, you're doing a really good thing--homeschooling, that is.

  4. Alone time is alright as long as everyone knows where you are. Ha

  5. I'm with you on the alone time too...

    I don't have a teddy to share, but I'm sure I could round up an extra blankie :)

    Keep up the good work with homeschooling - enjoy your kids - time flies way too fast. It just hit me today that I'm half way through the time that I have to train my oldest daughter before she begins to make her way in the world (she turned nine today).

  6. Tell them that you are doing laundry and that if they want to help, they can come down and find you. Then curl up on a pile of laundry and chill.

  7. Homeschooling is a blessing but can also take a lot out of you. I'm all over that teddy and blanket idea...just add cookies and a latte and I'm there.

    As an idea- ask them for a topic they want to study and for fun activities to do that. Take a break from the serious academia and put the fun back in functional school :). Give yourself a pat on the back for doing the Home School Survivor thing. Make that latte a double come to think of it. Enjoy your unplugged time :).


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