Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a post worth revisiting

I posted this in '07, back when only about four people read my blog. So five of you missed it.
So for those of you who saw it, I apologize for the re-run. For those of you who didn't - I apologize anyway. I couldn't think of anything else to post today.

Ok, so you see a mattress store with a giant inflatable Statue of Liberty on top. Does that make you think, "Oh yeah, I Need a New Mattress. I think I'll go in right now and get one."??

You see one of those flexy, bendy guys, (air tubes, I discovered they are called). Do you say -"Hey, I think I'll go get my oil changed."??

You see a giant inflatable gorilla. Do you automatically decide to go buy a new car?

Do you even go into a business that you weren't planning to go into just because they have some kind of tacky inflatable thing on the roof?

There must be some statistics that show that they draw in customers. Why else would someone dish out the $800 or so? I looked at some sites that claimed your business would double with an inflatable, but they were selling the things.

I don't know - this was just on my mind today. I thought I would share.


  1. LOL - I'm glad you revisited this since I missed it a year ago!

    I wonder the same thing. Also about the tax places with the guys in their Uncle Sam or Statue of Liberty uniforms standing out on the side of the road waving their signs.

  2. So if I get this straight, I shouldn't buy a big, growling dinosaur for my photography business, when advertising for children? hmm... there could be some wisdom in that. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing. I agree. I also think that the people dancing on the street corners with signs directing me to their business does not entice me to go there. It makes me think that if they can afford to pay someone to hold a sign that no one pays attention to, then they probably can afford to lower their prices. HA!

  4. Actually all the air people, balloons and costumed folk do make me look. Maybe that's all the companies are trying to accomplish. Maybe the next time I need my taxes done, I will think of the place that had Liberty or King Kong dancing on the corner. Maybe.

  5. I saw an interesting form of advertising today. A nice looking vehicle with the name of a business on the doors. All over the back and the bumper were stickers that clearly stated her religious and political beliefs. Does she think that will attract people of all sorts or does she want to limit her clientele? By the way, one sticker said, "I found Jesus. He was hiding under the sofa".


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