Thursday, February 26, 2009

until we meet again

I didn't grow up doing Lent, but now that I know something about it, I like the idea.
And the point isn't to give up something that's easy. In fact, the point isn't even to give something up at all. The point is to sharpen your focus on Christ. To change an attitude or spend more time in the Word. To think of His sacrifice, sure, and some type of deprivation can be a great reminder of His sacrifice.

He has put on my heart something that will be a sacrifice, but will also free up time for me to focus on more important things.

My thought is if there is something in your life that you think you could never give up -- you  might want to give it up. If it has that much of a hold on me, I want to break that hold.

So, for that reason, I am giving up my online social networks. That includes blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. So, assuming I survive it, I will see you back here in blogland on the 13th of April.

Please don't abandon me. Come back after Easter and we'll catch up!


  1. That is a great idea! I may just do that, too. I will definitely check back on April 13th!

    I just finished telling my friend that I won't be doing Lent, for to obey is better than sacrifice. :) So, I'm going to practice obedience... not sure in what area yet, though.

    See you later!

  2. I actually haven't given up blogging for Lent but I also haven't posted much lately. The obey thing sounds good.

  3. I will miss you, but I think that what you are doing is good!

  4. Good for you, Kay. I do this often in shorter spells. Sometimes, I'll go a weekend without turning on my computer and just enjoy life unplugged.

  5. I also gave up facebook for Lent! (and two internet television series I stay up too late for)

    But this is hardcore. And probably something I need to follow suit in...

  6. Oh, Kay, we'll miss you. But, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Jesus. Enjoy your lent. Love, Jan

  7. Hi Kay - I'm so far behind in reading blogs I didn't even know you'd given up blogging for Lent. I'm spending my time homeschooling my two oldest and caring for my new baby. I posted a picture of her and her two little friends early this morning from February 8th - she's already changed a lot since then. Babies are a treasure.

    Looking forward to catching up with your blog.

  8. Kay, I am writing this at 12:20 am on Resurrection Sunday morning. I am so looking forward to seeing more blog posts from you and annoying you on FB, starting tomorrow! I love you.


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