Wednesday, February 11, 2009

some BBC bites

Before you take a bite of those french fries, or chips as the Brits say, take a deep sniff. Smell some cocoa? Maybe butterscotch with undertones of ironing board?
Scientists have analyzed the essences of fries and broken them down into other scents.  Check out the BBC article. 
One day people will be snobbishly smelling their fried and saying things like, "I detect onion and flower notes.  This fry originated in the southern McDonalds."

Thinking about joining a monastery? Well, if you live in England, you can try it for a weekend before you make a commitment. 
In 1982 England and Wales had 217 novices. In 2007, only 29.
So now men can go to the monastery for a couple of days and see what they think.


  1. If I smelled them, I would probably not eat them.

  2. I'm cutting back on salt. Things are not as tasty as they once were. I like fries, but I haven't been eating many of them.

  3. As for me, I would be a better Christian spending a weekend at a monastery than I would a week-long "Promise Keepers" gathering. Give the that OLD TIME religion!!


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