Monday, February 23, 2009


The Denver Examiner hires people to write about their area of expertise. Just little articles about the length of a blog post. And they pay!
But I said to a friend that I'm not an expert on anything and she said I should ask myself what my passion is.
Wow. I came up pretty blank. I have a passion for God.  For knowing Him. That is my greatest passion.
I have a passion for my family.

Maybe if I was asked this question last week, or next week, I would come up with several answers.  Maybe I am just feeling passionless right now. It makes me feel rather gypped. I want to have a list of things I'm passionate about. Maybe I do. Maybe if someone were to hit a hot button and get me fired up, we'd know where my passions lay?

Maybe I just define it more tightly than others do. There are many things that I love. Many things that I care deeply about, but don't really consider myself passionate about them.

What about you? What are your passions? What does that term mean to you?


  1. I also feel the same. I have a lot of interests and feel passion for them every now and then, but I can't say I have ONE ongoing passion, except following God and loving my family. But that's just part of who I am... I'm no expert. :)

    I can speak with passion about certain subjects (especially when I'm worked up about them, like prolife issues)but if someone asked me to write a book about them, I would be flummoxed! :)

  2. Maybe it's just an indication that you've applied too strict a meaning to the word passion.

    Try writing a list of things you really care about and see what happens.

  3. Passion is a great thing to think about. I probably have too many which makes it hard to prioritize and focus on the ones that are most important.

    Keep thinking about it... examiner is still looking for writers. Join Lucille and I in the examiner ranks ;D

  4. Really good onion rings can be a passion...

    Or really great milk chocolate, which is mine :).

    I guess I have a few: art/creativity, pointing people toward a deeper relationship with God and my family. Can you add chocolate and peanut butter as a different entry?


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