Saturday, May 26, 2007

gotta have that

Ok, so you see a mattress store with a giant inflatable Statue of Liberty on top. Does that make you think, "Oh yeah, I Need a New Mattress. I think I'll go in right now and get one."??

You see one of those flexy, bendy guys, (air tubes, I discovered they are called). Do you say -"Hey, I think I'll go get my oil changed."??

You see a giant inflatable gorilla. Do you automatically decide to go buy a new car?

Do you even go into a business that you weren't planning to go into just because they have some kind of tacky inflatable thing on the roof?

There must be some statistics that show that they draw in customers. Why else would someone dish out the $800 or so? I looked at some sites that claimed your business would double with an inflatable, but they were selling the things.

I don't know - this was just on my mind today. I thought I would share.


  1. I saw many colorful "air tube" dudes for the first time whilst in Eastern Europe during the 2004 Olympic Games. I actually laughed aloud. However, as they have become ubiquitous and commercialised the thrill is gone.

  2. My kids and I enjoy them. We like to watch them. But they don't entice us to spend money.


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