Tuesday, May 1, 2007

10 of my very best ideas

1. A baby cradle shaped just like a car seat. Because that slightly upright position helps them if they have a lot of spit-up problems and the position is more comfortable for them than lying flat, I think. My son slept through the night for the first time in his car seat - and for many nights there after.

2. Headlights that move to go around curves, (now some new car actually has these)

3. A type of syringe that will keep the nurse from getting poked with a needle. (someone invented the same thing I thought of, but it wasn't a big hit.)

4. Paint that is invisible but when exposed to smoke or heat it glows so that doors, etc can be outlined. Notes could be written on the walls for firefighters, (kids room this way, etc). I am not a chemist, so have no idea if this is even feasible, but I love this idea!

5. Doing a makeover day for the wives of soldiers right after they were all deployed to Iraq, (this was a good idea that never took off)

Ok, so I can't think of five more. But I know I've had them. I frequently hear, "That's a great idea." I am a good idea person. What I am not good at is making the ideas reality. Most of my ideas have never become anything more than ideas. Unless someone else thinks of it and actually does something with it.

So there you go. Five of my ten very best ideas. This was from a prompt, too. I guess my brain is tired lately.


  1. I love, love, love #4! You really should pursue this!
    Have a blessed day,

  2. Wow, I love these ideas...esp. the paint one!!! :-) My husband's a big idea guy, too...and usually someone else comes up with it a few years later and makes millions! Ho hum...


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