Saturday, November 1, 2008

one more time

Yes, I hate politics.  No, I wasn't planning to post about it anymore.  But...
I do wish I had heard about Chuck Baldwin before I voted.  If he runs again next election, he's getting my vote.  I actually agree with him on all the issues.
So many of the things that I gripe about, he wants to fix.  He's radical.  He would really shake things up!  And I think that's exactly what we need.

Read his article about the "wasted vote."  He says any vote for someone who doesn't share your values is wasted.  And that's how I felt leaving the polls.  I felt like I had wasted my vote.

Anyway.  The end.  No more politics from me.


  1. I shall throw my vote away this Tuesday!! Proud to vote even though it won't really fix anything no matter who wins the election.

  2. I had my senior Gov class do a mock debate between 6 of the 3rd party candidates. Chuck was one of the guys represented. The student who played him did a great job and actually felt like we should vote for him. But he, like me, feels like it would be a wasted vote.

    My thoughts are, if enough of us vote for 3rd party, no matter who it is, it will at least show that we are not happy with the two main candidates.

    I haven't voted yet. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do...


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