Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Warm blankets

A bed - how much of the world sleeps on the ground?


Running water and indoor plumbing

Grocery store two miles away

A 25 pound turkey in my fridge

A fridge

My hubby - a good man 

My daughter - a creative, bright girl

My son - a funny, intelligent boy

Living near family

Expanded horizons, both literally and figuratively

My hubby's job

Health insurance

Two cars

Spending money

Wonderful friends

The presence of God

Finally finding a church we love

Always being in sight of the mountains

Lots of books

Not only shelter, but shelter I love

Someone  else to pick the grain, make the bread, slaughter the chickens, milk the cows, etc

When I back off, get not just a broader perspective but a world-wide perspective, I recognize my incredible abundance.  I am very thankful.
I am thankful that God has blessed us so much.  
May you be blessed, and may you fully appreciate those blessings this Thanksgiving and always!


  1. Same here Kay. And, I do find it amazing in a near-depression economy that the things to be thankful for are even more abundant! Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!

  2. We definitely have much to be thankful for. "Count your blessing one by one, and you will be surprised what the Lord hath done." He's always good all the time.

  3. Great List! I'm particularly fond of running water and electricity.

    It reminds me of something humorous that I posted on a forum a good while back and since most people didn't know me they so didn't get it... oh well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great list. I have a shorter one on my blog. Blessings to you and yours this T day.

  5. Amen. And I am sooo with you on the being thankful for the folks who kill the turkeys, process the stuff, milk the cows etc. I love reading historical fiction, not living it! Happy Thanksgiving!


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