Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen pieces of information.

1. I hit the snooze 3 times before I get up.  That's 30 minutes.

2. The wind kicked up.  Hopefully it's blowing in a storm.

3. My book club is tonight.  We just read Rebecca by Daphne Du Muerier

4. I like re-writing WAY more than writing.

5. I'm addicted to a new computer game.  Just what I need.

6. I just now realized that I forgot something I really wanted to do this morning!  Pooh.

7. We were on the Neilson Ratings.  I couldn't tell you about it because it is top secret.  You might have sent us a lot of money to watch your favorite shows and that just can't be done.  It's not ethical.  But now we aren't on it anymore, so I can tell you.

8. I very nearly forgot to do a Thursday Thirteen!

9. I am expecting there to be 15 people at my house for Thanksgiving.  I love it!

10. I can't decide if I prefer blue or black ink.  I guess black, but I really want to prefer blue.  It's happier.

11. I like anticipation.  If I get a package I will set it down and do something else for a bit before I open it.

12. I almost never eat in the car anymore.  Unless it's my parents' car and we're on a 13 hour journey.

13. I can barely hear out of  my right ear.  I don't hear very well overall, either.


  1. Neat list...

    I like blue ink better for the same reason, but seems I always use black ink. Guess black ink was required when I took counseling notes for insurance purposes, so things could be photocopied easily if necessary.

  2. Whats the name of the computer game? I used to loooove Luxor!

  3. Yes, do tell. What computer game is it???

  4. LOL You are too funny. I so know why we're friends

  5. I am shocked at #4! Really? Are you kidding? You must be joking. Nahhhhhh! Seriously? You are telling me the truth?

  6. Were you the one who made the Halloween candy last forever?

  7. Yes she was, but I would find it!! Kay, your a silly person, and I think you should be scared at how much like me you are. But I hate to re write.

  8. Kay, just wake up 30 min later and it's all good. Or, wake to music.

    I like blue better than black ink but purple best. Black is boring. I need color!

  9. Jan, I deliberately set my alarm early. I need transition time. I would like to get a new clock, though. One with a gentler sound, or maybe a radio so I can do music. I had the sound my clock makes.


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