Friday, July 1, 2011

getting fat

I haven't been svelte for some time. One might be correct in saying that I've only been that way for about six months during my mid-twenties.

Fortunately, I don't really aspire to svelteness. But I do aspire to be something a little less...squishy.

I have Chronic Epstein Barr Virus which causes fatigue that is sometimes debilitating. Exercise at the wrong time can make it worse and put me out of commission for days.
And a year and a half ago I injured my back which put me on the couch for several months. Going to the bathroom and up the stairs to bed was the most I could do. Sitting very still and eating potato chips occupied my time.
So I gained weight.
Not tons, but more than I needed because I needed none.

So now I'm thinking that I'd like to do something about it.
I'd like to hear from any of you who have any kind of physical trouble that gets in the way of exercising. What do you do? Have you found ways to work around it?
I'd like to hear from anyone who has lost weight by changing their lifestyle.


  1. I've decided to start stretching. It is gentle, and it prepares both muscles and joints for harder exercise later. Right now, I've got some muscle issues that flare if I exercise too hard. So I will start with gentle stretching. It's so good for you, and it's WAY better than doing nothing.

  2. I used to walk regularly - 3-4x per week - a fast walk, and I felt GREAT! But lately I haven't had the energy or discipline. I've gained a bit of weight and I'm blaming the hormones. I just need to get back on track, and I will. Hopefully soon! Pilates work well, when I do them. ;) And free weights.

  3. I'm hoping I can get up to walking regularly. Pilates would be great because that would help my back, but I can't do them yet.
    I'm thinking I'll start with stretches, being careful about which ones I do. I've hurt myself stretching before.
    And maybe go get in the pool and walk in there, or kick my legs around or something like that.
    The rec center does Tai Chi for people with joint problems, I'd like to try that, too. See, I have some options, I just have to start doing them.

  4. Kay, I'm so sorry about the Epstein Barr. My back has been causing me trouble for years, but I try to walk to keep the heart and muscles strong. I've started to take Tart Cherry (a capsule) that is supposed to help with joints. I also take Willow Bark (aspirin is derived from this.) Swimming is also great. Good luck, Dear.


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