Thursday, July 7, 2011

things I'll do in my 40s that I wouldn't have done in my 20s

~ Volunteer to be in a skit
~ Speak to a group
~ Write a novel
~ Drink a glass of wine
~ Lead a Bible Study
~ Feel comfortable with a group of women, even if they are prettier, better-dressed, and have it all together
~ Confront someone, like the guy at the deli who was going to slice my meat without washing his hands--even though he'd just been mopping
~ Raise my hands in church
~ Attend a different denomination than I'm used to
~ Wear a hat
~ Fast
~ Talk to a counselor

I see a theme. Freedom. Freedom in Christ. Freedom to be myself.
It's a work in progress.
What about you? Whatever decade you're in, how have you changed?


  1. Well, I'm in my 50's now (just barely) and I have changed.. I was always so afraid to go see a counselor, but finally I forced myself to, and it wasn't so bad. ;) I am learning to 'do what it takes to get what i want', one baby step at a time. I used to be afraid to drive out of town by myself, but now I am quite okay with it. Little things, but I have changed. And I hope to keep becoming more free, one step at a time.

  2. These are cool. For me, it's my 50s. The novel and speaking are the same for me as you. I will never fast. :D

  3. I like that list! I'd do all of them except Wear a Hat and Fast. That, and confront everyone. I'm still choosy about who I'll confront and why, but I do it much more than I would have in my 20s.

  4. Well, Danica, I don't confront EVERYONE. I'm still very uncomfortable with confrontation.
    Aneta, every little step counts! The point is we're going in the right direction.
    Denise, I used to think I'd never fast, too. Life pushed me to it. But now that I've done it, I'll do it again and again.

  5. I have no problem with doing any of the things on the list - but how have I changed in this decade? I'm more quiet - more withdrawn, more emotional. But I think I actually listen more. But don't ask Diane about that one - LOL, she's the listener between the two of us!
    This was a great post, Kay! Thanks!


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