Thursday, June 30, 2011


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I love mysteries.
I like reading mystery stories. I like watching mysteries on television and movies. Trying to decipher the clues to figure out who done it.

But more than that, I love real life mysteries. Not murders, so much, but mysterious things.

Crop circles. I am fascinated by crop circles. See, I don't believe that they are all man made. There are too many unexplained factors in real crop circles. And I love that!
I love that we don't know everything. We think we do. We get pretty arrogant about it. Reminds me of the guys who arrested Galileo because he believed the sun was the center of the solar system.
They thought they had it all figured out. Thought they knew so much. Thought they were the center of everything.
Just like us.
Maybe someday, in a few centuries they'll be laughing at the foolish things we believe. They may have a very sensible scientific explanation for crop circles that makes us look idiotic for not seeing it.

But for now, they are mysteries.

But not to everyone.
That's why I love mysteries so much. Because they remind me that there is Someone who knows all about them. God knows what's behind crop circles and the like. He's not mystified by animal mutilations, black holes, or women. He knows. He is the center of everything, not us, and He keeps allowing things to remind us of this. For those of us with eyes to see and the humility to accept, anyway.

That's the theme of the novel I'm writing. There are things we may never know and we have to learn to be okay with that. We have to trust in the One who does know.
It's okay for God to have secrets.

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  1. Mysteries motivate and humble us!
    Discovering ... the New World for the Renaissance Man, new laws of physics, new species ...

    Let us know when your mystery comes out.


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