Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just returned from my annual experience at the Glen Eyrie Writers' Summit.
I am tired. I am achey. I am a little grumpy.
I am also re-inspired.
I am re- charged. I am re-dedicated.
I am re-born.
Ready to go. Ready to write. Ready to actually finish a book rather than starting more new ones!
And I'm ready to kick fear out the door. Being afraid of failure (and/or success) has gotten really old. I got sick of it this week.
I know these feeling and the new burst of creative energy will be short-lived and it will all fall back on my commitment. But I'm committed. See how brave I am telling the whole world that?

The photo is of the wonderful mentors, James Scott Bell, Kathryn Mackel, Angela Hunt, and Nancy Rue as they form the Universal Mind. (it was a skit, not some weird religious thing.)


  1. Glad you explained that skit thing. :-)

    And remember our theme song from Year One? Brave. No more status quo--I think I'll just let go,
    You make me wanna be brave--

    Go for it, sweet Kay. Jesus makes us brave.

  2. That is my favorite of our theme songs and now it's stuck in my head. At least it's not the BeeGees.

  3. I used that song -- "Brave" -- when I started my freelance business. Kept me going... Nice post, Kay. Let's inspire each other... :)

  4. Brave got me started writing back in 2005. and thanks for reminding of the Universal Mind. that's another thing that made me laugh. who would have thought there was so much collective wisdom in that room? but they never answered the real question burning in my mind: Why is a dog always on the wrong side of a door?


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