Monday, June 14, 2010

holey jeans

My husband and my daughter don't approve of my jeans.
They have holes in them. They came that way, brand new, which astounds them even further.
Why? They want to know.
Because they fit. Not only do they fit, they fit well. AND they are comfortable. That's enough right there, but the clincher was that they were only $9 at Kohl's. 
My husband looked them over and said, "Well, if you had said $1 I would have agreed that they were a deal."
Some of my friends wear holey jeans, too. So they actually may make me a little bit cooler. Literally and figuratively.

The weird thing is, my daughter is a teenager. Isn't she supposed to be the one who is getting grief for her clothing choices?


  1. You can't argue with a good fit and the price was also fabulous. :) Maybe your daughter thinks that she should be the one with the holes in her jeans. Just tell her it makes you more holy. LOL.

  2. These hole-ly jeans caused husband and daughter to notice your clothes, isn't that a good thing.
    Your blog about laugh, some of us are never relaxed enough to enjoy a good laugh. What do you think?

  3. Jan, daughter already clarified the Holey/holy thing. LOL

    Anon, yes, I think some people have a hard time relaxing enough to laugh. But, laughter can release a lot of stress, so perhaps a good cycle could get going.

  4. Right now, I'd be happy with jeans that fit, holes or not. Seems that all of mine shrank after our cruise. Didn't know closets could do that.

  5. Wait until your fam sees you with the holey jeans and the purple hair extensions. THAT should be priceless!


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