Saturday, June 12, 2010


I seem to have the ability to make people laugh. I love that.
But I find I seldom laugh myself. I chuckle. I grin. But rarely do I bust a gut or even guffaw.
I spent five days this week with people who laugh easily and loudly. I was jealous. I used to be that way and I'm not sure what's changed. But this isn't a dig deep and philosophize post, so I'll not get into that.

There are some things that still make me literally laugh out loud:

Physical comedy. We watched an episode of the old Dick van Dyke show and I laughed several times. He's a master. Jerry Lewis. Steve Martin. Mr. Bean. Even Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow or when he's Willy Wonka and walks into his glass elevator. I laugh every time.

Puns. Okay, so mostly I groan. But if they're really good, you'll hear the dulcet tones of my laughter. And perhaps a snort or two.

I also get a kick out of things like badly written headlines. Improper or idiotic use of words can pull a giggle fit from my belly.

What about you? Are you a laugher? And what makes you laugh the most?

Ok, that picture that I found on morguefile made me laugh, too.


  1. the jokes my kids come up with. the funny things my daughter says even though she's not trying to be funny. the guys dressed up in Star Wars outfits we saw this morning at the side of the road. what was that all about?

  2. It's Margo from our group at Glen Eyrie. Found your comment on Rachelle Gardner's blog and had to stop by to say hi.

    things that make me laugh: people doing crazy things. My friends as I get to know them better and discover their quirks. Odd associations like, for instance, time-traveling pirates!

  3. Michelle, kids are funny. Especially those jokes they tell when they are little--the kind that are funny only because they think so.
    Thanks for stopping by Margo! Those crazy time-travelers!
    Denise, Right back at ya!

  4. I have a new thing I laugh at. I laugh at Pee-poppers!


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