Saturday, May 1, 2010

moving on

Almost three years ago I was blogging about moving into this house. Now we are moving out.

We've liked it here. But we need to be more central. So we're moving further into the city. There will be a lot of conveniences. But...

The house is a bit smaller. And the view will be of the townhouse across from us, or our garage.

It will be a good move. I'm looking forward to some of the changes, but...

There are some things I'll miss.


  1. Kay,

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    You will enjoy your new house, because you'll make the house a home for your lovely family.


  2. So beautiful. I'm just 12 minutes away from your old house and I don't get views like that. I would miss it too.

    But God will bless you where you are going. You know that. :)

  3. What beautiful pictures. Blow them up to window size and attach a different one at each window. Problem solved. :)

  4. Wow Kay, I would miss those things too...what a view!

  5. I'm sorry you're moving away from those beautiful views. But you are moving closer to ME. :0) I will give you several pictures of me so you can put them up. :0)

  6. Yes, you had some incredible views.

    I pray that you'll have many happy memories in your new home.

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  8. beautiful pictures.

    thanks for stopping by beautiful chaos. i look forward to meeting you, as well, just not sure how i'll find you.

  9. regarding the retreat, my friend and i are assuming that the dress is casual? thanks.

    my email:

  10. not lurking you can find me too.


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