Monday, June 28, 2010


We all long for stuff. We all long for love and acceptance, things like that.

Some people long for wealth and luxury or a house full of children.

Many of our longings are realized along the path of life.

Many aren't.

My unrealized longing? The country. Horses.
When I drive by a pasture full of horses I feel a tight ache in my chest. An empty place opens up somewhere inside me.
Sometimes I get to ease it a little. Like today. Friends of ours own horses and invite us to visit their barn  now and then. My kids ride a little. I've been unable to because of my back problem, but I can brush the horses. Bury my nose in their necks and pet their velvety noses to my hearts content.
Well, almost. My heart doesn't get quite content, but for a little while it smiles.

What about you? What is something your heart yearns for?


  1. I completely agree with you on horses. I think there's just something generally soothing about them. I feel that way about cats, too, and the ocean.

    Great thoughts, Kay. :)

  2. I long to return to Colorado where my family and friends are and leave small-town, rural, backwards North Carolina far behind me; I pray this happens as soon as possible.

  3. I long for a quiet, peaceful place. I get glimpses of it in my little backyard, but then a neighbor starts to mow the lawn or delivery trucks roar up the street or some other suburban noise intrudes on my peace. I also long for a porch or patio with a view of nature instead of homes.

    I was thinking about my longing the other day and realized that I've had this longing since my college days. A long, long time ago.

  4. Megan, I think that's the kind of longing I'm talking about. Life-long. something deep in us. There are other things I want, but few that have stayed with me as long or are as ingrained as this one. The quiet, open country is part of mine as well.


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