Tuesday, July 13, 2010

writing stuff

In case you've wondered, I am still writing. 
Some things have changed a bit, though. 
My intention in the beginning was to not write at all as some of you may remember. But when it became obvious that I was supposed to, I decided to write beautiful moving fiction for women. I started two different novels and had ideas and bits of a couple more.
Writing was difficult and painful.

In November I did the National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) challenge and wrote 50,000 words in a month. They were words that came out of my head without much interference from my actual mind. They were, in essence, mindless. But I ended up with a pretty interesting story, or mess of several stories. And there was nothing beautiful or moving about it. 
But it was FUN!

So, I decided to work on that mess and make it into a book. I took it with me to the Glen Eyrie Writers' Summit in June to see what could be done with it.

My instructor, Kathy Mackel, mentioned that perhaps I could turn it into a Middle Reader--for 10-14 year-olds. I rebelled. I don't want to write kids' books. I want to write beautiful moving fiction for women. I'm willing to write kookie funny fiction for adults. I don't want to write for kids.

Guess what I'm doing.
Yep. I'm writing a middle reader. And Guess what else. 
It's FUN!

P.S. My story is about a boy named Match. 


  1. :) Someday, girl, we'll hold a joint book signing somewhere.

  2. That is so cool, Kay. You have to tell the stories that are in you to tell. The audience will come when the story is ready. :)

  3. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE what I've read in your Match book, Kay. You have such an original fantastic voice. SO glad you're having a good time! :00

  4. "Match book." Ha! I love the Match character, btw.

  5. strange how writing catches hold and won't let go, like one of those plants that clings to the side of a rocky cliff.

  6. Good for you on NaNoWriMo and the Writers Summit. But your story is not Match-less.

  7. Yep, a middle reader.

    Way to listen...


  8. I love Match, too. I loved him when he was unedited. I think writing for Middle Schoolers would be fun. Mom


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