Sunday, October 18, 2009

the sinner

It's so easy to pray for those who have been sinned against. The abandoned woman. The betrayed husband. It's easy to pray for the child who has been abused or the victim of a random crime.

And that's good. These things all require our prayers. We need to reach out to these hurting people and love them.

But, do we think to pray for the man who left his family? The adulterous woman? The child abuser or criminal?

When Jesus was on earth, we don't see Him going to all the people who had been ripped off when they payed their taxes. He went to Zacchaeus. He didn't go minister to the spouse betrayed, He ministered to the betrayer. Time and again we see Him reaching out and touching the sinner. The one who caused pain.

Oh, I know that he ministered to the victims. I know that because I know Jesus. I know that he cares for them. Even now He reaches out and touches them, comforts and restores them.

But I think He knew that part would come easy for us. But how easy is it to pray for the man who abandoned your friend -- his wife, his children? How easy is it to pray for those whose sin affects so many around them like ripples on a pond.

I think we need to remember how Jesus loved. Whom He loved. And though it's not easy, we need to remember to pray for, and reach out to the sinners. Because, after all, isn't that each of us?

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  1. I had a discussion just today with a woman whose son had committed a loathsome deed. He got saved afterwards and God forgave him. But people can't forgive him as they don't trust him anymore. He can't convince them that he wants no part of that life ever again.

  2. Thank you for the reminder to pray for everyone, not just the ones who are easy to pray for.

  3. Oh. I like this topic. I tend to be the one who says, "Death to tyrants!" It isn't easy giving up this attitude. Good insight, Kay.


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