Tuesday, October 20, 2009

crazy dreamin'

My dreams never make sense. They are always surreal, confusing, and often frustrating.
I seldom have what would be called nightmares, but often my dreams have a creepy feeling.

But, many times my dreams are very entertaining. Recently I had a dream that included Steve Martin (I considered showing him my impression of the Steve Martin dance, but decided against it), Todd Agnew (we were on the way to one of his concerts), and Duff.

Once, a long time ago, I dreamed I was in a TV show with Michael Landon. There was a cool song playing in the background and everything. I even sang it for a while after I woke up, but then it faded away. It probably made no sense, anyway.

Another time I dreamed I was making a movie with Chuck Norris. We were dodging bullets, dashing from doorway to tree. I knew it was all fake, so there was no fear, just fun.

What are your dreams like?


  1. wow, I don't remember my dreams much but I don't think I have EVER dreamed anything like you experience. Are you watching too much TV? All your dreams have stars in them.

  2. I love dreams! Your dreams remind me of ones my best friend in high school used to have. Exciting and busy. At the end of one of her dreams, she was in a room with no windows or doors. Suddenly, a group of machine-gun carrying gansters burst into the room and said, "Okay, give me the Peanut Butter Gaucho cookies."
    We still laugh about that dream.

  3. Two thoughts: You need to switch to screenwriting and if they are prophetic, you may be famous enough to work with these folks one day!



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