Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everything is easier when it's fun.
Fun is a great motivator as shown in this video:

Since I started homeschooling, I've wanted to make it as fun as possible. For me, learning is fun in and of itself. Well, most of the time.
But for my kids, maybe not so much. So how, I wonder can I make it fun for them?

What about making it fun to clean the house? Load the dishwasher? Keep up with laundry? (These are for me, not the kids)

Can I find a way to make it fun to say "thank you, mom" or "I'm sorry dear brother/sister?"

I guess some things just are what they are, but wouldn't it be better if most things were fun?

(Notice, if you write or say "fun" enough times it becomes a very silly word.)


  1. Oh my piano-playing girl will love this! That's so neat!

  2. My stairs do this all the time. That is why I no longer use the elevator in my home. The stairs are so much more fun. . . Okay, I lied, but I had fun doing it. :D

  3. Love this! I wish all stairs were like that. I wonder if I could install them in my home. LOL

  4. That is very very interesting! It is pretty hard to make work look like fun. Amazing how a kid will want to help with something because it looks fun, and then when they're big enough to actually work, they don't want to.


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