Tuesday, May 26, 2009

things i'm learning

I'm learning it doesn't really matter what my cell phone looks like.

I'm learning the appeal of simplifying.

I'm learning to relax. It's not up to me to keep the world spinning.

I'm learning I may not give my kids enough credit. They surprise me sometimes and I shouldn't be surprised.

I'm learning to long for Heaven so that I can be with Jesus, rather than longing for it just so I can be somewhere better than here.

I'm learning how much Jesus really does love me.

I'm learning to love people because God loves them.

I'm learning that nobody expects me to be perfect except me.

I'm learning that failure is always an option. Eek. Ok, maybe not. But I want to.

I'm learning that even though I've said things for a long time it doesn't mean I've really believed it.

I'm learning that other sins really are no worse than mine. We all make bad choices, some just seem more acceptable than others. They aren't.

I'm learning that love = sacrifice. Not in the martyr complex, codependent way. In the Jesus way.

I'm learning that I need to get off my own back. Next, I need to learn how.


  1. Wow, you're kinda smart. Smarter than me. ;)

  2. You are a changing woman. You are passing me by.

  3. Wow. Great things you're learning. Teach the rest of us.

  4. What do you mean? I expect you to be perfect, like your mother! Are you scared now? Good post. We all need to learn those things. We are all SO human!

  5. These are such hard lessons, aren't they?
    Great post, Kay!


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