Sunday, May 10, 2009

mama memories

Mom and grandma sitting on the patio snapping beans. Grandma says "Aw, sh--" and mom says, "Mom!"
Mom telling me that I can color a cow purple and the sky green if I want to.
Mom letting a baby calf suck her finger.
Mom taking my sis and me to the mountains to draw.
Mom taking my sis and me to the mountains to look at the fall aspens.
Dad driving on a dirt road on some mountain and me saying, "I'm hungry," and mom saying, "There's a McDonalds just around the next curve."
Mom wearing a scary mask to Halloween events and nobody knowing who she was.
Mom making gravy at Thanksgiving because I pretend I don't know how.
Mom giving me pain medicine in a shot glass when I had my tonsils out. (I was 24, it was legal)
Mom teaching me to look at clouds.
Mom kneeling with us to pray for my daddy in a scary storm.
Mom taking us to church over and over and over again.
Mom and grandma canning apples and tomatoes.
Mom loving people who have been forgotten.
Mom helping people who need it without hesitation.

Thanks mom. You've taught me a lot and you've taught me well.
I love you.


  1. Aw Kay, that is so sweet. Of course, you used my FAVORITE PICTURE!!! :) I would be really insulted if some one could recognize me from that picture. Thanks, Kay.

  2. awesome post!!! You have a GREAT Mom!!! :)

  3. Happy Mothers Day. :) Love your tribute to Mom.

  4. Sweet post. I love the picture the best. Now I know where you get it.:)


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