Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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A friend and I spent the weekend in Estes Park.
We laughed.
We wrote.
We ate.
And ate.
We had some marvelous Indian food.
Some fabulous pizza.
Ben and Jerry's.

We spent some time on the side of a hill in Rocky Mountain National Park. I cried. I took photos. I walked around. And I would have danced, had my back permitted.

We watched The Fellowship of the Ring.

And I woke up feeling rested for the first time in a long time. Twice!

Sometimes, we need to get away. Breathe. Relax. Just be.

God met me there.

What I need to do is figure what I can do here. Now. Days when I need refreshed and I can't take a jaunt up to the high country.

Where does he meet you? What do you do when you need renewed?


  1. at the lake when I go down & sit on the neighbors' dock. Or on the drive home when I'm listening to THe Z (local Christian radion station).

  2. Sitting at a lake sounds perfect. I also love listening to music and should do that more.
    I used to live near a lovely little lake. Now I wish I had taken advantage of it more. Although, most of the places to sit were covered with ants!

  3. Sounds so wonderful to enjoy God's creations - fall, mountains, friends, food, good movies, and food, again.


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