Friday, October 1, 2010

flashback friday

I got this meme from Mocha with Linda
Me at about four years old

What toys do you remember from your childhood? 
When I was little, I had a toy record player. I loved that thing! 
I had the little farm and the little schoolhouse, too.

I also had a Baby Tender Love. She was supposed to soil her diaper and things, but she didn't work quite right. Still, I liked her enough that she stands out in my memory.

When I got older I had some Barbies, but I didn't enjoy playing with them as much as my friends did.
I had a set of western dolls that came with horses and all the accouterments. Those were fun.

What did you like to do to entertain yourself? 
My sister and I used to record ourselves on the tape recorder. I listened to my parents' records a lot. I also read a lot. And best of all, I had a pony. I rode her almost everyday, I guess.

These are some of my toys I still have
Did you mostly play inside or outside? 
I'm kinda an inside kind of person, but I did play outside a lot. Most of my memories seem to be of playing outside. I think mom made me. 
We had a tire swing and a swing set. And, as I mentioned, a pony. Not easy to play with a pony in the house. We had cats and dogs we played with. 
My sister and I would make up games like "Bionic Woman" and "Wonder Woman" and "Cowgirl and Indian." I remember making mud pies and playing hide and seek in the yard at night. 

Did you ride a bike all over the neighborhood? Play baseball in the backyard? 
I rode my bike up and down our street. When I got quite a bit older I was allowed to ride other places, but I didn't really want to much by then. We had a small store at the end of our block and we could ride down there. Our dead end street came out onto a highway and my folks didn't like us riding along there very much. I
I remember playing ball in the yard. It wasn't ever a real game, but dad would pitch to us. He also taught me how to cast a fishing line with a paper plate for a target.

What were the "fad" or "must-have" toys of your generation? Did you parents buy them? 
Kids had banana seat bikes. I didn't.
I can't really remember the other "must haves." Must not have hurt me to not have them. 

The two most disappointing toys: I desperately wanted both of them, a sewing machine and a microscope. I got them! But neither of them worked right. 

Was there a toy you always wanted and never got to have? 
I wanted a Spirograph. My friend had one and I always wanted to play with it when I was at her house. Sometimes she let me, but she usually wanted to play Barbies. I could have Spirographed for hours!

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  1. Enjoyed your memories! As I got older I also had a tape recorder, and we used to do radio show on it when my cousins would come over. Fun memories!
    until next time...nel

  2. I loved this Kay. I remembered the clock and the brown teddy. I can still hear the song of that clock in my head. I remember the pony too, Cream Puff? I think that is right. Some of my happiest memories are of playing at your house as a child. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so glad you participated today. We had that same toy clock that is in your picture!

    I'm sorry you didn't ever get a Spirograph. It was such fun!

  4. What an adorable little girl you were! So cool that you still have so many of your toys!

  5. I loved the toy record player too! Great post to bring back the memories.

  6. Was it the clock that you found in Estes Park? Doesn't seem quite right tho. I enjoyed reading your memories. Some of mine also I guess.

  7. Nel, thanks for stopping by!
    Tonda, I can't believe you remember Cream Puff's name! :)
    Linda, I'm thinking I might go get a spirograph now!
    Thanks, Cindy. I'm glad I kept all those toys, too.
    Tonya, they sell those record players and they aren't too expensive. I might get another one.

    I don't remember finding any clock in Estes Park. I had a clock just like that when I was a kid and Julie got me this one for Christmas.

  8. I loved playing with my phonograph and the tape recorder. Maybe it isn't a surprise that I now love electronic media and video production.

    One holiday, I wanted a toy called "Odd Og." He was a mechanical frog that opened his mouth and caught the ball you threw at him. My parents got it for me, but never got him batteries. I never got to play with him!

    I also was not a typical girl. When I was about 6 or so, I got a toy called Mr. Machine. I loved Mr. Machine. He was clear, and you could see all these gear inside of him working. I think he walked, too.

  9. Denise, I think I've seen Mr. Machine.
    That's sad about Odd Og. You could pet him.
    My sister wasn't very typical either. She loved trucks and tractors more than dolls.

  10. The church nursery had one of those record players when I was growing up--I loved watching how it worked and trying to figure out how the grooves made sounds.


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