Friday, October 8, 2010

flashback friday

Did you play many games when you were growing up? What were they? (Include outside games as well as board & card games.) Who did you generally play with? Did your entire family play games or just the kids? Were there any traditional games your family always played? What were your favorites? Are they still around today? 

When my grandma was still alive, (she died when I was ten) we played cards at her house. She taught me rummy, a game called spoons, and one called nuthouse.  Just us kids would play slap jack and crazy 8's. 
We also played Yahtzee. I still enjoy these games and they often remind me of those times.
My grandpa made a "marble board." We played a game we called "marbles." Turns out it was the same game as Sorry or Trouble. I still have those marbles and I had the board until some movers lost it several years ago.

At home we played things like Monopoly, and Life. The only kid game I remember was Hi Ho Cherry-O. 
When I was a teenager we got Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary, still two of my favorites.

My dad taught me to play solitaire. That's a skill that has been valuable over the years. Valuable for procrastinating, anyway.

I don't know if we played games often, but I have good memories of times playing together as a family. I'm not sure why as I'm sure it probably often disolved into fighting. My sister and I fought a lot, and games seem to be good at bringing that out.

One of my favorite things was playing Hide and Seek outside on a summer's night. We also played things like Mother May I when we had some friends over. Most of our outdoor games were things we made up ourselves. Make believer, rather than actual games.

I'm a loser. I very rarely can win a game. Maybe that's why I like Trivial Pursuit, it's one of the few that I can. I can't even win a game of Go Fish!


  1. Enjoyed your memories. We played a lot of games while I was growing up. I don't remember Nuthouse, and I kinda remember spoons, but not how to play it. thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    until next time... nel

  2. We use to play games as a kid. We played "king of the raft" (we lived at a lake), hide & seek (lesson learned there was put the dogs in the house first - they "cheat" & rat you out LOL). We rode bikes a lot too. As for inside games we played Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Monopoly, Rummy, Euchre. I remember playing Mother May I also. We played baseball & tag too.


  3. I'm not familiar with the card game nuthouse.

    Love your solitaire "skill" of procrastinating! I can definitely relate to that!

  4. I really enjoyed the Nuthouse Rummy, but can't recall the rules either. When I was a kid, I liked to draw and my favorite Christmas gift ever was a blackboard and I spent hours with it on my lap or on a table top. I loved riding my "stick horses" too. And playing with my BB gun. Mom.


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