Saturday, April 3, 2010

Solemn Saturday

We've commemorated much this week. But this day, the one with no name that I know of, is the day that resonates with me the most.

When you're in the midst of high emotion you are too busy feeling to think. This had been that kind of week for the disciples.
Sunday was elation with a tinge of victory as Christ entered the city to accolades. Thursday started with the joy that accompanies a holiday, but ended in fear, anger, and grief.
Yesterday... Friday it all fell apart. Finally and irrevocably, or so they thought.

But today marks the day all the adrenaline was gone. No emotions to carry them through. It's that stunned afterwards. The in-between.
We all hate waiting. We hate not knowing. I'm sure the disciples were asking themselves, "What now?" Where could they go. What should they do?
They must have still been frightened. They must have been in denial, looking to one another for confirmation that it hadn't all been a horrible nightmare.
I can picture the scene so clearly. The glazed expressions on their pale faces.

We've all been there. Sometimes it's the death of a loved one. A bad diagnosis. A phone call from the police or the hospital. The discovery of betrayal or a broken relationship.
We sit. We think. We wait. And we don't even know what we're waiting for... a miracle? Waiting for it to all go away? For life to go back to normal?

A miracle is coming. It may not look like we expect. It may bring as much confusion as it does answers. We may not even recognize it. But God is a God who redeems. It's what he does. He brings new life. He makes old things new. He restores.

This is a day where hopelessness reigned, but it wasn't the end. It's never the end. Just wait to see what tomorrow brings!

I've posted in the past about Good Friday.
I've posted twice before about this day, Saturday--here and here. The photo is the same, don't let that confuse you.


  1. I've thought a lot about "Easter Saturday". Such a day of limbo. I can only imagine what the disciples felt. Since we have Good Friday services that emphasize the cross (as opposed to the resurrection), I even often feel restless myself on this day inbetween!

    Great post.


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