Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

For some reason, I used to think that caring for the earth and our environment was at odds with Christianity.

But one of the first commands God gave us was to care for creation. He made us stewards of the earth. This is our home, hand-made by God. I think when we disregard it we dishonor Him.

On the other hand, when the focus is only on the environment while people starve and kill one another, we need to get our priorities right. If one is so caught up in caring for the planet that they have no time to love humans, then there is a problem.

If the planet becomes an idol that is a problem.

But those of us who follow Christ can find ways to care for our planet that do not lead to idolatry or the neglect of mankind.

I recycle because my community makes it very easy to do so. I also carry those re-useable bags in my car and usually actually remember to take them into the store with me. That's not a lot, but it's more than I used to do. 

Are there things you've incorporated into your lifestyle to help care for the home God created for us? If not, are there some things that you could begin to do?


  1. Well said! If everyone do their part, this planet would be a much better place and the lord would be pleased..

  2. Well said to point out the commandment to care for the earth was first given by God.

  3. Good point! I have those bags and always forget them. Ugh.

  4. I agree Kay...

    It's easy to recycle in my community too and my kids love to help with it.

    Also my kids like to pick up trash in our neighborhood on the way to the pool in the summer.


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