Wednesday, April 25, 2007

pondering sponge bob

We see a lot of Sponge Bob around here. And yes, I like him -- in small enough doses.

Here's something I learned from Sponge Bob. Attitude matters. Sponge Bob is almost always joyfully exuberant. There are a couple of things that get him down, but overall, he is happy about everything. Mr. Krabs says the Krabby Patty is going to be open 24 hours a day and Sponge Bob has to work around the clock. What is our little friend's reaction? He is ecstatic! Can't wait. 24 hours of work per day! Excellent! Now that's a good attitude.

Ok, so Sponge Bob is an idiot. Some would say that it is easy to be happy all the time if you are an idiot.

Squidward is pretty intelligent, and he is miserable. He also has a lousy attitude about everything except the clarinet. Is he miserable because he is smart enough to know that life is rotten, or does he just have a lousy attitude.

Why is it that people tend to think if you are joyful and have a positive outlook, if you walk around smiling, that you are a half bubble off center?

Is it intelligent to be miserable? If so, I think I'd rather be an idiot.

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  1. Amen!

    psss, we love Sponge Bob at my house. Yes, he can be idiotic and after a marathon viewing, I can feel my brain cells dying, BUT you are right, he is always happy, except for that time he lost his laugh box, but of course, he made up for it at end of the show. I like Patrick, too. Yes, he can be simple, but that's ok. His loyalty to Sponge Bob is inspiring.


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