Thursday, April 12, 2007

going deeper

I'm in therapy. Not because I'm nuts - that's a whole different issue. But because my husband and I are working through some difficult, tough, messy, painful things.

I have to say - it stinks. I hate being prodded and examined. My entire life opened up for the counselor to inspect and poke and analyze.

Put the wall up! Don't let anyone in here!


But, alas, that doesn't work. So I can fight it, or I can surrender to the process. Open up willingly. Let the searchlights scan every nook and cranny. Find the junk and get it out. Because, truth is, we all have junk. I have to see this as a wonderful opportunity to get that junk taken care of. Call the waste management people, (also known as garbage men) to carry it away.

I have been given an opportunity to go deeper. To gain a greater understanding of myself. To change. To grow. And most importantly, to let God in further, to let Him make His presence more firmly entrenched in me. To let Him do the work of conforming me more to His likeness.

So, I say

we are now


  1. I am praying this will be a great time of healing in your life and your family, Kay!

  2. Getting through difficult times in counseling is not an easy process, I know, I've been through it (individually and with my spouce). However, in order to be conformed to Christ's likeness we Christians must transform our minds (Romans 12:1-2). Although the road may be long, bumpy, and oft times dangerous, God is always there to lead us to journey's end. You can do it with God's help.

  3. Writing requires that deepness, too. But I'm still sorry you are having to go through it....I think you have a good attitude about the growth though.

  4. takes a lot of courage, for both of you, to be where you are, Kay

    praying for you


  5. (((HUGS))) to you and prayers sent up for you and your family.


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