Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's Important

Often right before someone dies he utters the things that are most important to him. When a mom leaves her teens alone in the house, she repeats all the things she most wants them to remember.

What was important to Jesus? What did he want to be sure his disciples really understood before he left? During the last night with his disciples, Jesus tells us what's on his heart. From John 13-17:

~ Love one another. He says this three times.

~ Ask in my name, and I will do it. Six times.

~ Abide in me. Four times.

I think we tend to get off track. We expend so much energy doing things. Yes, he did give us the Great Commission as final words, too. But I see many of us putting so much energy into things that don't really fit any of these commands.

I think it's easy to forget what's important.


  1. Kay, I so agree. My husband and I talk a lot in our sunday school class about "being" in Christ. Yes, we ought also to do for Christ, but first we have to "be" in Him, to receive our daily sustenance, to worship Him by drawing near and adoring Him each day.Thanks for posting this.

  2. Good thinking, Kay. I'm sure I need to "be" and to "do" more.

  3. Hey Kay. I tagged you in a blog quiz.
    Don't worry about tagging 11 other bloggers. It's just for fun.


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