Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Quick Fix

Once, several years ago, I fell into a clinical depression. It lasted two miserable years.
After it went away when I would start feeling a little down and bluesy I would panic. No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to go back there. 
But it's like I heard God say, "Just hold on to me and we'll ride it out."

We live in a quick fix world. 
Hungry? Stick some popcorn in the microwave.
Tired? Drink some coffee.
Headache? Take a pill.
Bored? Get on Facebook.

There's an answer, a formula, a quick fix for everything.
Or so we think.

Truth is, most quick fixes don't fix anything. 
Eating a snack may not satisfy the nutritional needs that underlie your hunger.
Coffee isn't going to help you the way a good nights sleep will.
Taking a pill doesn't address the reason why you get headaches in the first place.

Most real fixes require time. And we don't like to wait.
One time I was reading about when Abraham had some angels come and visit. He offered them lunch and the meal began with him asking a servant to go out and kill the best calf.
That was no fast food. These days we barely even want to wait around for water to boil.

A while back I was having a really bad mood. I was irritable, mean, sensitive, sad, and borderline insane. It was awful.
I'd read that one way to change a bad attitude is to focus on gratitude.
I'd just had my birthday so I decided to write out forty-six things I was thankful for. 
It didn't work.
My mood was the same, if not worse.
The thing is, sometimes there is no magic formula--no quick fix. Sometimes we just have to be where we are and invite God into it. It will take time, but He promises to ride it out with us. 


  1. Sometimes I'm desperate for a quick fix--anything to make the downs of life more bearable. Thanks for such a fabulous reminder that we're not in this alone!


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