Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Letter to my Body

Thank you, Body, for growing up healthy and strong. You got tall a bit early and that caused me a little grief but also helped mold my character.

There were times I didn't approve of you. I didn't like how big your feet were and how difficult it was to find jeans. I didn't like the timbre of your voice or the quality of your skin.

I've never managed to control you gracefully but perhaps, like me, you don't like being controlled.

I've come to accept your flaws. The skin still frustrates me, but then, no body's perfect.

Thank you for carrying the children. For nourishing them with your own resources. For protecting them while they formed. I will not berate you for any saggy, line-marked mementos of those days.
We needed a little help, but together we managed to deliver them safely into this world. Thank you for your amazing strength in that endeavor.
Thank you for continuing to nourish them and sharing your antibodies with them. Again, I will not berate you for the mementos.

You've let me down a few times over the years, but who's to say those instances weren't caused by my own choices. I've let you down far more often.

You've served me faithfully and well. I can't speak so highly of my own part. Forgive my negligence and abuse.

We've been through everything together, my constant companion. We have more adventures in store. Though we'll never be what we once were, nothing says we can't be something better.

Thank you. I love you.


  1. Where in the world does your brain travel to in order to find these topics to write about? Very fascinating. Good job. Mom

  2. Such a great reminder to love myself and be gracious to my body. Thanks, Kay.

  3. Great post Kay! I really needed the reminder.


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