Friday, November 18, 2011


Five Minute Friday meme. Todays prompt is Grow.

My mom had a garden when I was growing up. I didn't like helping. But I was fascinated to see things grow.
I remember the bean seed I planted in a cup in school. How I could see it grow from both ends. It's like magic that all that green, all that plant, even new beans, all contained in that tiny shell.
When my kids were born, they were tiny. I mean, in hindsight. At the time they seemed like normal babies. They were normal babies, but they were so small. My daughter is now as tall as I am. My son is but a head shorter than me.
How does that happen? How does food and water make stuff appear where it wasn't before? Growth is weird. It is mysterious. Something from nothing, really. It is a daily act of mini-creation. There was nothing, now there's something. The finger just a bit longer. The shoes just a bit tighter.
And on the inside.
Growth. Something where there used to be nothing. I have confidence I didn't have even a decade ago. I have courage and strength and so much that used to not be there. Faith. Deeper faith.
But all this growth hurt. Well, a lot of it did.

Time's up. But I'm just getting started...


  1. Beautiful writing. Glad to have stumbled here through Five Minute Friday.

  2. I know what you mean, when the time stops and you just want to keep going!

    Do you know my friend Gina Conroy - Writer Interrupted? I see the writing links and I see her pretty face there on your Google friend connect. :) Small "world" here in lala land. ;)

  3. I don't know Gina, but I've heard of her and I've been wanting to read her latest book! I follow her on Twitter, but I seldom use Twitter.
    So glad you stopped by!

  4. She is a sweetie. Here she is on FB


    See you there! :)


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