Friday, November 4, 2011


I saw this prompt style meme on Michelle Pendergrass' blog and thought I'd give it a try. The rules are to write for five minutes, then stop. No editing, no over-thinking. Just write. Here goes!
Five Minute Friday
The prompt is Remember:

I remember when I used to play outside on summer evenings. Hiding amongst the shrubs and trees. Hoping not to be found, yet hoping I would be.
I remember when the entire neighborhood was our hiding and seeking place. Cars, trees, the park. We hid, we sought.
I remember hiding notes and secret things in the curtain rod of my room. The little end cap was removable and I thought it the most sneaky thing ever that I had discovered that and I kept my secrets there.
I remember hiding my thoughts in diaries. Thoughts too personal and precious for the world to know. I read them now and laugh. The deep secrets of a twelve year old girl with some serious boy-craziness.
I remember hiding who I was. Hiding my self-doubt and insecurity. Or did I hide it? I was so shy, perhaps everyone could easily see how uncertain I was.
What am I hiding now? I try to be open and authentic, but I wonder if secrets are still lurking in there somewhere.


  1. Hi Kay-- great was my first "5 Minute Friday" attempt as well (not sure if it was your first, but sounds like you just started!). Aren't we all hiding things...I love how you say "I remember hiding who I was. Or did I?" so well said...brings me back to all of that insecurity as a child...things you think you've gotten over but that simply re-emerge in different ways as we get older...

  2. Kay, this is wonderful. I think secrets always lurk. At least for me they do, and not always because I'm trying to hide them, they just don't come up. But when they do--oh my. I think that's what's going on with me now. The Holy Spirit has really been working on me.

    Glad you did the 5 minutes. I hope you will again. :)

  3. If you still keep a diary, maybe you and I can get together and read it sometime. :D :D 8D
    Ha ha ha!

    Everybody hides things. Some more than others. I don't ever feel that you are guarded when you are around me, though. You seem open.


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