Wednesday, April 13, 2011

they say be careful what you ask for

I hate lies.
Despise deception.
I want to know what I can believe--whom I can trust.

So, I asked God to break the power of deception in my family. It's not that we have an unusual penchant for untruths. We aren't a bunch of liars or anything--no more than most people. But I felt compelled to pray that God would remove from each of us the ability to deceive.

Guess what?

He started with me.

I don't lie much. Not outright. I pride myself on my honesty. I make a real effort.

Pride is so often misplaced.

Even though I'm not an outright liar, for the most part, I am quite the deceiver, it turns out. And the person I am deceiving? Me.

God has taken this opportunity to strip away the ability to deceive myself. It's frightening. It's disgusting. I can't believe the things I've been hiding.

It's wonderful. It's liberating! The truth always is.


  1. How come when we wish God would change someone else He always directs the changes back to us? Must be because I need the most changes.
    Grateful that He loves me so much He is willing to make me into the person He wants me to be, he doesn't give up on me.

  2. Is it wrong to hide hurtful things from your loved ones? We all have stuff we probably don't talk about. Is that lying? Well, it might be of we laugh and say we have no "issues" when we do. Just saying'. Mom

  3. Liar, liar pants on fire... :)

    Um, I actually just wanted to say that. Great post!

  4. Finding that blend of truth and love is hard. It's always easier to be blunt, but as Christians we are called to speak truth kindly. Quite a challenge.

  5. Your transparency is beautiful. Thanks for posting.


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