Saturday, April 23, 2011

he got it

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Last night at Good Friday service my thoughts were captured by the thief on the cross.

What kind of faith does it take to say to a dying man, "Hey, when you get your kingdom, remember me."

He's dying.

What kingdom?

What can a dead man do for you?

The disciples were still confused. They were still looking for some kind of earthly coup.

But this guy--this convict--he got it.

I have the feeling that this thief may have been picking pockets at the sermon on the mount. I think he was familiar with Jesus and His teachings. He knew Who He was. And not just Who, because the disciples knew that much. This guy knew that the Kingdom was not of this world. He knew that death wasn't enough to stop this King.

He got it.


  1. Great observation. Wow. You're right. Mom

  2. About the photo, did the thief on the cross smoke? I'm just wondering. :D

  3. I thought of you when I picked that picture, Denise! LOL


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