Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i feel old

I'm going to be forty-five soon. I've done a lot of thinking about age lately.
I developed a back problem over a year ago. Over that year I've done things like look at canes online, contemplate the use of the little cart at the grocery store, and choose clothes based on their ability to hide my orthopedic device.
Then one day, the chiropractor told me that I needed more supportive shoes. What? Should I get those weird taupe colored orthopedic shoes? Maybe get some support stockings while I'm at it?

Here are some other things that make me feel old:

~ There are people who were born after I became an adult who are now adults themselves.

~ I have friends who are grandmas.

~ There are doctors younger than I am.

~Kids I used to babysit have kids.

~ I won't even go into the litany of physical decay.

~ I remember records, eight-tracks, and transistor radios.

~ I remember Elvis.

~ I remember when computers were mythical things that filled entire rooms in far off places.

~ I need my children's help to use my Itunes.

~ My phone is smarter than I am.

~ Young women call me sweetie and hon.

~Young men don't look at me. Old men do.

For a while, I considered giving in. I decided I would embrace my dotage, get those support hose, and spend my time reminiscing about the good old days. But you know what? I'm only forty-four. It's possible that I could live that many years more. I may be only half way done.

Fifty years ago forty-four was old. But in this century it's not. I'm not willing to spend half my life being old and decrepit.
There's not a lot more I can do about the decrepit part. I'm working on getting my back healed, but apart from that I can sure do something about my atitude.

My body may be a little out of control, but I can control my thoughts.
I'm gonna stop feeling old.

Any suggestions? What makes a person feel young? What makes a person seem young?


  1. I hear you, Kay.
    Don't have any profound suggestions, but a few silly ones:
    Enjoying some things with renewed enthusiam as I did as a kid - Disney feel good movies, being awed by nature, doing simple and fun things with family and friends, being optimistic, ...

  2. Kay,

    Have another baby then people will either think you are younger or that you are the grandma - haha

    I hear you on the back pain issues...

    To feel young:

    * Read children's books

    * Hang out with people 30-50 years older than you

    * Walk in the rain - I would say skip in the rain, but that probably isn't possible with back issues. Another problem with this would be people might think you are senile or mentally unstable...

    * Lie to yourself (I never thought it would happen but I said I was the wrong age recently. Forgot I had a birthday several months ago...oops)

    I guess there is a fine line between acting young and leaving other people thinking you are craz
    y or not acting your age...

    Find pleasure in simple things - ooh and ahhh at the stars.

    Color a picture

    Sing "Jesus Love Me"

    Smile and laugh a lot

  3. I so get this. And I am a few years older than you and staring that "5" number in the face.

    Connecting on FB this year with friends from my high school church youth group has been a rude awakening as we have realized we are now older than the parents who were the ever-present sponsors/chaperones/camp counselors. We had no idea how young they really were!

    I always say, either this isn't as old as I thought it was or I'm older than I'm willing to admit. I think I'll go with the first one! LOL

  4. I think so much has to do with overall health. The cliche old person is always being reminded to take his/her pills. They have ailments, that's why they seem old. When your health improves, and I believe it will even if you don't, then you'll feel young again. I have faith this will happen, Kay. :)

  5. I did hit the big 5-0 a couple of years ago (!), and I'm still trying to adjust to it. It's been tough! The best part is, all my friends are getting older, too! And we have a lot of laughs together.

    It's true that if you feel healthy, it makes you feel younger. My kids are also great at letting me know what I do or say or wear that makes me 'old', so I try to heed them. ;)

  6. Why do many women want their birthday celebrated by husbands, children, co-workers and who ever? Then feel sorry that they are getting OLD. Age does not matter to anyone that counts.

    Celebrate your life that God has given you and be thankful each day.

  7. Thank you for the comments, recommendations and commiserations. :)

  8. I am going to be entering that 40 decade this year. And I feel old. I think my fibromyalgia adds quite a bit to me feeling old.
    With that said, I would not want to go back to my twenties or thirties. My kids are moving into their next stage of life and so am I. :)
    One thing I have found that makes me feel young is the Wii fitness. It's exercise and fun rolled into one. Chuck, Jonathan and I get on and we try to beat each others score. It is only one thing, but it works. :)
    By the way, I thought you were much younger.

  9. Kay, it's the flip flops...... Mom


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