Monday, December 20, 2010

God with us

When God stepped down to earth, He didn't just step into the human existence, He stepped into your existence. And my existence. And even though Jesus left the earth, He left His Spirit here. God with us. In our lives. In our circumstances. Our joys, our sorrows, the mundane, and the monumental.

But what does that look like? God with us?

I was thinking about those Hebrews waiting for God to be with them. Waiting for the Messiah. They fashioned ideas of what that would look like. They had expectations. God would come and save them from their oppressors and make their lives easier.

So when He came, they didn't see. They were so busy looking for the expected that they missed the extraordinary.
And that can happen to us. We have an idea of how God is going to be with us. We expect something specific and He does it differently and we miss it. We miss Him. Then we think He didn't come. We think He wasn't with us.

God is with us. But we have to learn to set aside all our notions of what having God with us looks like. Don't expect anything. Just watch. Just listen. He's here. Let's not miss Him.


  1. I think that's part of our emotional desire for instant gratification in these times. We overload our brains with "stuff" and don't allow ourselves to let go and let God into our minds, our beings. If there's anything I'd like to become proficient at before I leave this earthly home, it is having the patience to let myself just sit and wait for God to speak to me. I know it's not impossible. I have had little whispers from time to time, but a real conversation with Him would be delicious! Clyde

  2. -Charles Stanley spoke on what true worship is. He said it isn't singing hymns, going to church, reading the Bible, or even praying. True worship is what the wise men experienced when they saw Baby Jesus and fell down on their faces before Him. Mom


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